a few knives

knivesSorting through the shed, I came across a few of my knives. I know I’ve got several more in boxes and in the truck. Some I’ve bought; some have been given to me. As I get things arranged I’ll share some more with you.

  1. A small boot knife given to me by a friend.
  2. Gerber Frisco Shiv (single edge model). This was purchased in the early 80’s and has been one of my favorites for years. They are discontinued and are pretty hard to find now.
  3. This “survival” knife is made by Remington. I was given this to test for a local sporting goods store blog. It’s uncomfortable in the hand and has the partially serrated blade that I dislike. I’ll do a review of this one in the future, then I’ll put it up for a new home.
  4. A recently purchased Cold Steel Kukri Machete. I’m still working on the blade on this one, but it has performed well even in it’s current condition. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m better with a machete than an axe. I spent many years in Central America where this tool was a staple of everyday life.
  5. Victorinox Rigging Knife. This is one I’ve had for several years and use it for making a lot of my paracord projects. It has a fully serrated, locking main blade. The marlin spike is flat and has a shackle wrench built in. The marlin spike is the only thing I dislike about this knife. I still prefer the round type.
  6. Kershaw Vapor II Ken Onion design.This is a favorite of mine. It’s pretty comfortable in the hand for normal use. It’s a liner lock design with skeletonized frame that keeps the weight reasonable. It has a pocket clip, but I removed it and carried it in a custom leather neck sheath. I may start carrying it again soon. Takes and holds a good edge.
  7. Cold Steel Finn Bear. This is my current favorite hiking knife. It’s a hollow ground blade that takes and holds a hair-popping edge. Some people complain about the triangular shape of the handle, but I really like it. I never have to look at it to tell which way the edge is facing. I like it so much that I’m making several other Mora blades with the same handle geometry.
  8. Victorinox Camper. A perennial favorite of campers and hikers. I’ve used this one for years and hope to have it around for many more. I broke the tip on the small blade, but used a diamond file to re-profile it.

These are just a few lying around the house. I’ll sort through them for the ones I want to keep and then give the rest away. We’ll come up with some kind of contest to make it fair for all.


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