ka-bar becker BK-13 knife revisited

BK13I reviewed the Becker Remora in June. It’s seen some pretty heavy usage since then and I thought I’d update you on my thoughts about this tiny blade.

First, as an everyday carry knife, it performed admirably. The hollow ground blade held it’s edge very well. I used it to open packages, scrape paint, as a pry bar and to whittle on ash sticks while sitting on the back porch. I carried it as a neck knife most of the time and I’m pleased to say that it’s so light you don’t know it’s there. The knife and sheath barely leave an imprint, even under a T-shirt.

The whittling led to my only complaint about the knife. As with most skeletonized blades, it’s not intended for long term use. The thin grip and sharp edges make it uncomfortable after several minutes. I really liked the blade and decided it was time for a compromise.

I don’t need a concealed carry knife, but I do want something light enough for neck carry when I’m hiking and something comfortable enough to use for extended periods. I settled on changing the grip to something more comfortable and with higher visibility in case I dropped it on the ground.

IMG_0220I found a pair of jigged camel bone scales at Texas Knifemaker’s Supply. I chose the orange to aid in visibility. It’s not an international distress orange, but it is easily visible among the leaves and pine needles in my operating area. I attached them using a slow set 2-ton epoxy and let it cure overnight. The next day I began the process of hand sanding them to fit. While I was at it I polished out most of the manufacturing tool marks. Finally, I buffed most of the wear marks off the blade.

When the facelift was complete I had to mod the sheath to fit. As you can see, I overshot the mark a bit. Some of the blade is exposed after it seats under the locking tab. That’s not a problem because I’m going to make a leather sheath for it tonight.

For anyone in need of a small, lightweight fixed blade – I highly recommend the Becker BK-13.

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