does technology increase risk?

I read an interesting article in the Lewiston (Idaho) Morning News that addressed the proliferation of Personal Locator Beacons (PLB). One expert, Mike Beiser, director of the University of Idaho Outdoor Program, said that the devices give a false sense of security.

I believe that PLBs serve a useful function, but I agree with Beiser . . . → Read More: does technology increase risk?

ka-bar becker BK-13 knife revisited

I reviewed the Becker Remora in June. It’s seen some pretty heavy usage since then and I thought I’d update you on my thoughts about this tiny blade.

First, as an everyday carry knife, it performed admirably. The hollow ground blade held it’s edge very well. I used it to open packages, scrape paint, as . . . → Read More: ka-bar becker BK-13 knife revisited

something fishy in eisenhower

Lil Harry and I went were searching for a place to record some videos for the site. We decided on one of our county parks about an hour from the house. Conditions were less than ideal with high winds wreaking havoc on the audio, so we packed it in for the day. As luck would . . . → Read More: something fishy in eisenhower

mint tin stove

This is stove building week. Ain’t Leo is doing better, but I still have a bunch of time on my hands and it seems a good time to play on the back porch so that I still close if she needs me.

Step 1 –

Assemble all of your parts. In this case, the . . . → Read More: mint tin stove