yakdriver gets a facelift

Long time buddy, Thom, sent me a nice caricature that captures the real me. He didn’t have a problem with the avatar that I use on most groups and forums, but he felt that it wasn’t quite right.

Well, Thom, I gotta say that you hit a homerun with this one. When my granddaughter saw it on my desk she said, “Gee, Grandpa, that looks just like you paddling that thing.”

Next time try to get a good one of me and Lil Harry sitting around the campfire. Make sure that you are in it, too. Don’t forget the coffee mugs!

2 comments to yakdriver gets a facelift

  • Thom Rivers

    Thanks, Yak. Sorry it’s a little smudged, but you can clean it up in Photoshop. Or are you still the Luddite who uses Corel PaintShop Pro?

    Look forward to seeing you and Walter again. I’ll try to make it to the next Headquarters Roundup. And tell Walter I’m sending him some more stool softener before I come. Those benches were pretty hard the last time.

  • maryjo

    Hey Harry, I like it! Good job!

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