trail breakfast at home

Trail breakfast on the back porch

Trail breakfast at home.

With all of the family emergency drills and trips to the Medical Center I’ve not only fallen behind on my posting, but have fallen behind on my hiking. I can’t count walking the pup around the yard or our neighborhood walking trail.

We got up yesterday, took the rucksack out to the back porch and put on a breakfast feast. Act one was boiling water over the Esbit stove. Act two was getting the instant oatmeal ready to go. Following that, we fixed up the first cup of coffee using Starbuck’s Via instant coffee.

I’ve gotta tell you. That Via is some good stuff. I picked up two boxes of the dark roast and dropped it in the mess kit. It weight next to nothing and gives you a good jolt when you need it.

I’m hoping that things will be back to normal here by the end of December. I already planned some RV trips and some day hikes for January. I hope to start the new year on a positive note.

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