spoon attempt – take 1

I thought I’d be artsy craftsy tonight while grilling chicken on the back porch. After the birds were on, I grabbed a downed limb from one of my Arizona trash ash trees with all the good intention of making a nice spoon. Well, we all know about good intentions.

I split the limb with my trusty Cold Steel Finn Bear, debarked it and penciled in my basic outline. I placed a hot coal from the grill on the flat and let it smolder away while I held it in place with the tongs and huffed and puffed like the big bad wolf to keep it going. It took a second coal and some scraping with the Finn Bear to get the bowl like I wanted it.

Then came the fun and relaxing part. I grabbed a cold one, peeked at the birds and pulled up a chair. It was whittlin’ time.  It was so much fun because this limb had been down for a while, but had just fallen out of the tree because of the winds. It was well seasoned — like a rock is well seasoned.

Anyway, to hold all the hot air to a minimum, I whittled it into pretty good shape and then grabbed a river rock out of the fountain bed. About 220 grit. I then applied it vigorously to the spoon with malice aforethought. Nothing could slow me down now that I had a good piece of ash. Except for the chicken.

After supper I got stoned again. I mean I used the stone again. I smoothed the bowl of the spoon rather nicely and then smoothed the rest of my work. Some sandpaper would have been nice, but I had that bushcraft thing going. You know, primitive tools. Like a knife, a rock and a barbecue grill. Oh, and a couple of sizzlin’ chickens.

The picture shows the result of the effort and I was pretty pleased with it until I sat down at the desk and started check my list of bushcraft blogs. Wouldn’t you know it.  When I checked the Wood Trekker blog it made me hang my head in shame. All of my hard work for nothing. There he had three videos of a guy that turned out a piece of art in thirty minutes. And I thought I’d done something to make a tool to stir my mocha in just under three hours.

Anyway, here are the vids. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. The great lesson from this is that I learned some great lessons from this. The guy is a master.

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