review: inova microlight


Over the past several months I’ve collected a number of lights suitable for everyday carry (EDC), bushcraft and survival kits. Over the next few days I’ll review them all and let you know which I prefer for any given situation.

Today’s victim in the Inova Microlight. Following is the bullet list supplied by Inova. I’ll comment further on the list:


  • Four Functions
    - High power – Low power – Strobe – Signal mode
  • Temperature Operation Range
    from -20° to +40°C
  • Run time: Up to 15 Hours
  • Effective range: Up to 50’
  • Signal visibility: Up to 1 Mile
  • Battery Type: 2-2016 Lithium Batteries Included
  • Dimensions: (Height x Length x Diameter):
    1.85” (4.7cm) H x 1” (2.5cm) W x .325” (0.8cm) D
  • Weight: 0.36oz. (0.21g)
  • Easy-Open/Snap-Shut Construction
    for effortless battery replacement
  • Durable Stainless-Steel Universal Clip
    attaches securely and releases quickly
  • Limited lifetime warranty USA

I can’t speak to the claim of 15 hours of light because the unit shuts off automagically after about four minutes. Based on similar products, I believe this figure is probably reliable. As for the claim of easy open construction, I’d have to disagree. It requires a pointed object to open the case which might present problems in an emergency or survival situation. The durable universal clip seems a bit flimsy to me so I removed it and replaced it with a dummy cord lanyard.



I really like the four function switch. It gives added flexibility to the light and extends battery life by using the low power setting.  The batteries are readily available and are small enough to toss spares in your pack or survival kit.  The plastic rim surrounding the LED limits light spillage and adds more directionality.



The clip feels flimsy and interferes with the way I use a light of this type. A split ring and carabiner might be a better choice.



The Inova Microlight is well made, lightweight and has a long battery life. The flat design makes it unobtrusive when worn under a shirt with a neck rig. The less than $10 price tag makes it inexpensive enough to keep one in your survival kit, your glove box, your backpack and with your EDC gear. I would recommend the Inova Microlight to anyone interested in a compact, lightweight light source.

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