camp cooking fix

I’m still Jonesing for a camp cooking fix. I had to settle for grilling a couple of burgers on the back porch. Just to add the flavor of a winter camp I broke out the Esbit stove, a mini-mint tin burner, the Nalgene, cookpot and grocery bag.

I set the Esbit on the shelf in front of my grill. The mini-mint tin burner was slipped into place. Added alcohol until the cotton balls were moist and hit it with the fire steel. Surrounded the stove with the tin foil wind screen and I was in business.

After bringing two cups of water to a boil (in six minutes @ 42F outside temp) I dumped a bag of Kroger Dutch Chocolate mix and a bag of Starbuck’s Via Dark Roast instant coffee into the battered Lexan cup. I added water, stirred and had a grandma slappin’ good mug of mocha to keep me warm while the burgers sizzled.

It’ll never be as good as a fireside mug on the trail, but we all have to dream. Another few weeks and things should level out so that I can get back to the woods.

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