yakdriver gets a facelift

Long time buddy, Thom, sent me a nice caricature that captures the real me. He didn’t have a problem with the avatar that I use on most groups and forums, but he felt that it wasn’t quite right.

Well, Thom, I gotta say that you hit a homerun with this one. When my granddaughter saw . . . → Read More: yakdriver gets a facelift

spoon attempt – take 1

I thought I’d be artsy craftsy tonight while grilling chicken on the back porch. After the birds were on, I grabbed a downed limb from one of my Arizona trash ash trees with all the good intention of making a nice spoon. Well, we all know about good intentions.

I split the limb with my . . . → Read More: spoon attempt – take 1

camp cooking fix

I’m still Jonesing for a camp cooking fix. I had to settle for grilling a couple of burgers on the back porch. Just to add the flavor of a winter camp I broke out the Esbit stove, a mini-mint tin burner, the Nalgene, cookpot and grocery bag.

I set the Esbit on the shelf in . . . → Read More: camp cooking fix

trail breakfast at home

Trail breakfast at home.

With all of the family emergency drills and trips to the Medical Center I’ve not only fallen behind on my posting, but have fallen behind on my hiking. I can’t count walking the pup around the yard or our neighborhood walking trail.

We got up yesterday, took the rucksack out . . . → Read More: trail breakfast at home

review: inova microlight

Over the past several months I’ve collected a number of lights suitable for everyday carry (EDC), bushcraft and survival kits. Over the next few days I’ll review them all and let you know which I prefer for any given situation.

Today’s victim in the Inova Microlight. Following is the bullet list supplied by Inova. . . . → Read More: review: inova microlight