where is your favorite camp site?

Two tents in a backcountry campground.

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I would have said campground, but I know that a bunch of us like to get out to places where there are no campgrounds. We love to go walkabout in the woods or desert or whatever.

For some of my purist friends, I refuse to apologize for having an RV. Remember all of the times you guys stopped by for a cup of coffee or a quick shower before heading home? Well, I WAS home.

One of my favorite places is the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina. The Uwharrie Recreational Trail is a 20+ mile stretch that runs from easy to moderate conditions. Lots of places along the trails to camp, but I’ve been known to sling my tarp and hammock a hundred yards or so off the trail to avoid the campgrounds. There is nothing quite like the silence and solitude of off-trail camping.


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