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An innovative way to turn your hiking stick into a comfortable seat.

The folks over at Stikstool have given us a high tech approach to something that campers, hikers and bushcrafters have been doing for years. They’ve carried it a step further by using a hiking staff as legs for a comfortable camp stool. In the process, they are saving the forests because we don’t have to slash and chop our way to those three perfect sticks needed to setup the camp stool seat that many of us carry in our packs.

A couple of days ago Northeast Voyageur posted the contents of his bushcraft pack. If you look closely at item 14 you’ll see his camp stool seat awaiting the above mentioned three perfect sticks. Few things beat a comfortable place to sit after a long hike and he is prepared. Many wouldn’t consider this a “must have” item, but at a certain age it becomes easier to get up from a stool than from the ground.

Take a look at the Stikstool. It’s a great way to multi-purpose hiking gear and to support one of our fellow hikers.


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