container store treasures

I love going to the Container Store. I always come home with some new gadget or container that enhances my hiking, backpacking, bushcraft and RV pursuits. Today was no different.

CS has a great section for lunch gear. All kinds of bags, boxes and bins. That’s where I found these little Pocket Size Salt and . . . → Read More: container store treasures

where is your favorite camp site?

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I would have said campground, but I know that a bunch of us like to get out to places where there are no campgrounds. We love to go walkabout in the woods or desert or whatever.

For some of my purist friends, I refuse to apologize for having . . . → Read More: where is your favorite camp site?

new take on an old idea

As always, the web is a great place for enterprising marketers. Find a niche. Fill a need.

An innovative way to turn your hiking stick into a comfortable seat.

The folks over at Stikstool have given us a high tech approach to something that campers, hikers and bushcrafters have been doing for years. They’ve . . . → Read More: new take on an old idea

where’s my sandwich?

I pulled into the parking lot at the World Headquarters of the World Problem Resolution Society and Coffee Klatch at an undisclosed location in Texas. Walter’s pickup was in the lot, but I didn’t see him anywhere around. He wasn’t in the toolshed and he wasn’t in the bunkhouse. Finally I started hollering for him. . . . → Read More: where’s my sandwich?

cookout ice cream

I found this one on the Legends of America site. It’s getting a little cool for this, but I gave it a try and it’s worked like a charm. It’ll be on the table for our next Roundup.


You’ll need a large coffee can, a small coffee can, your favorite homemade ice cream recipe, . . . → Read More: cookout ice cream