stool softeners and solid cedar

Traditional Cedar Log Small Stool in LacquerI had to fire up the wireless card and get this on the blog while I still believed it really happened.

I just pulled into Headquarters at the World Problem Resolution Society at its undisclosed location somewhere in Texas. Walter, not his real name, had been there for a week taking care of some of the chores. We built a nice firepit on the last trip and Walter decided to stay over to improve his bushcraft skills by building us a couple of stools.

As always, the first order of business was the secret handshake and a fresh mug from the ever present coffee pot hanging over the firepit. Walter was looking a little out of sorts and kept squirming around on his stool while we caught up on what had been done in my absence.

After watching Walter’s gyrations for as long as I could stand it, I finally said, “What’s the problem, Walter? You’re squirming around like you’ve got chiggers in your drawers.”

“It’s this damn stool,” he said.

“What’s wrong with the stool,” I asked. “It looks like some of your best work. I’ve never seen you turn out something quite this good before. I’m really proud of you.”

“Well, I cut my hand a couple of days ago while working on these darned things. While I was rummaging around in the First Aid box I found a package of stool softeners and figured that would really be the crowning touch to all of my hard work. I cut ‘em all open and have been rubbing the juice into the seat on this stool and it’s still just as hard as when I started. I gotta be doing something wrong.”

Just when I think we may have solved all of the world’s problems, this happens.

Keep it between the ditches.


2 comments to stool softeners and solid cedar

  • maryjo

    Harry, did this really happen? That is so funny!

    • YakDriver

      You’d have to know Walter. No telling what he will come up with next. But just as a hint, take a look at the tags. They explain a lot.

      You’ll be hearing a lot from Walter as he helps me explain everything from wood craft to wood working, tents to RVs, cooking to eating.

      Look forward to seeing you around Thanksgiving.

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