stool softeners and solid cedar

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r-dome solo installation

This one illustrates one way to do a solo installation. I invite other R-Dome owners to let me know how they do it or if they have any tips that will speed up the process.


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r-dome duet installation

The Texas R-Podders were challenged by a group of foreigners (people north of the Red River) to produce a video on setting up the R-Dome. Here is our response.

The only tools you need are: a dome, a beer, an able assistant and a wonder dog. Oh, yeah. And some silicone spray.

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2010 texas roundup at huntsville, tx

We had a great time at Huntsville. We had five Pods and one “Sorta Pod.” We’re really happy that BillyBob brought his MPG to the festivities because it gave us all a boatload of ideas that we want to run past the folks at Forest River.


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