review: pedernales falls state park

We’ve been home for more than a week and I’m just now catching up enough to give you a quick overview of the park. Lil Harry and I loved it so much that we are taking Ain’t Leo to the park in two weeks. Work conflicts kept her from making the last trip, but after seeing the pictures, she says she won’t be left behind again!

Map picture

This park is a 5211.7 acre jewel of the Texas Hill Country. Formerly the Circle Bar Ranch, it is a perfect example of the Edwards Plateau region. It has beautiful scenery, ample shade, abundant wildlife and, best of all, terrific river access for swimming, tubing or just lazing around in the water.

The park has 6.5 miles of river frontage, but drought conditions have resulted in the first three miles being closed to swimming because of low water. The remaining 3.5 miles are a river bum’s dream.

The main swimming area is located about 400 yards from a paved parking area that features picnic tables, grills and a bathroom with flush toilets. The trail is well maintained and includes a wooden staircase to ease the descent to the water.

Trammel Crossing, a beautiful low water ford across a small bedrock fall, is accessible from the camping area. It lies about four hundred yards from the main road through the camping area. The trail is also well maintained, but is narrower in places than the main swimming area trail. The scenery is well worth the short hike. I did not see that either  swimming area has handicap access.

The park has 69 sites with water and electricity. Most of the sites are shaded and have a tent pad, lantern pole, picnic table and a fire ring/grill combination. A dump station is located near the entrance to the camping area and the volunteer park hosts have ice and firewood available.

The park staff is top notch. They went out of their way to accommodate one of their quirkier guests by answering all of my questions and by taking time out from their busy schedule for group photos and action shots. Josh Hencel, an operations trainee, told me that they would love to host the 2010 Texian Roundup for our R-Pod owners group.

Pedernales Falls State Park has moved up to my Top Ten Texas Parks list. The YakDriver crew will be returning many more times in the future. If you have any questions, give them a call at  (830) 868-7304. And don’t forget to look at the Map of Pedernales Falls State Park for more details.

View Pedernales Falls State Park - June 2010


2 comments to review: pedernales falls state park

  • Clark Moore

    Yakdriver, Love the blog and hope to pick up our 2011 R-pod 175 this Saturday here in Texas. I watched the whole video on the R dome and pretty much decided I will just take my EZUp canopy instead or at least for now. Hey if you have an email on the administrator for the user group would you send them an email and ask if they could approve our applications. Been a couple of days now and I realize they are a volunteer but would like to be able to post. Again thanks for the video and I think I’ll be getting the coffee maker. Clark

    • YakDriver

      Clark, I’ll scratch around to try to find the moderator email for you. It was a couple of days before I could post, too.

      Thanks for the kind works. You’ll love the coffee maker, too. I’m lucky enough to have just up the road for me. Their prices are good and I can do local pickup.

      Will you be joining us at Pedernales for Memorial Day? The more the merrier.

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