review: java junkie quick fix

I stopped at a downtown Starbuck’s to get enough energy to get home. While waiting for my order I noticed the VIA instant coffees and was curious. My pop was a dedicated Folger’s instant coffee drinker, but I always thought it tasted like some kind of kid’s cereal. Nasty stuff.

31KMuZEuG3L._AA300_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_AA280_SH20I asked the barista (coffee guy) if the stuff was any good. He said that I’d only think it was employee loyalty if he said it was good. Instead he pulled up a cup of hot water and mixed one for me.

Uh oh! This is not your pop’s instant coffee. It was as good as the “real” stuff I’d just ordered.

Instant “ah ha” moment. I grabbed two 12-packs of Italian roast extra bold. I knew this was the answer to my need for a good jolt while on day hikes or hanging out in the photo blind. A few twigs in my hobo stove, a cup of fresh water and I was back in the java groove without having to head back in or to carry a lot of extra junk.

On a somewhat different note, I found a nice little Tupperware type container at the Container Store. It holds a 12-pack perfectly and fits into the inside pocket of my “boogie bag.” Now I’ve got a coffee stash no matter where I go.


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