forest river r-pod 171


We finally retired our Casita Liberty after long and faithful service, but we still had to have a home away from home.

I spotted the R-Pod on the way to call on a customer and had to do an immediate U-turn to have a look. It was love at first sight. Forest River offers several floorplans for the R-Pod, but the 171 fills our needs perfectly.

RP-171We like a unit that allows us to keep the main bed made up permanently rather than having to make down the dinette whenever we need a nap. This is especially handy when we just need to pull off at a rest stop for a short nap before continuing our trip. The 60” X 74” rear bunk is just made to order.

The front dinette makes into a 42” X 74” bunk. When not used as a bed, the folding legs of the table let it be used outside the rig.

The rig included air conditioning, power vent fan, two burner propane cooktop, 3-way refrigerator and LCD AM/FM CD DVD television with installed HD amplified antenna. All told, a sweet little unit that can be towed by most vehicles with a V-6 engine.

These are the specs for the rig:

Dry Hitch Weight                                                    181 lb. (82 kg )

Unloaded Vehicle Weight                                         2,121 lb. (962 kg )

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)                       3,181 lb. (1,443 kg )

Cargo Carrying Capacity                                          1,060 lb. (481 kg )

Exterior Length                                                       18 ft. 4 in. (5.6 m)

Exterior Height                                                       8 ft. 7 in. (2.6 m)

Exterior Width                                                        96 in. (2.4 m)

Fresh Water Capacity                                              36 gal. (136 L)

Gray Water Capacity                                               35 gal. (132 L)

Black Water Capacity                                              35 gal. (132 L)

Awning Size                                                            12 ft. (3.7 m)

One of our favorite features is the R-Dome screen room. It adds approximately 10’ X 12’ of outside screened living area. It’s a perfect place to enjoy an evening meal without the hassle of bugs in our food.

As for myself, the greatest benefit of the R-Pod has been the full height door. No more creasing my forehead on the door when getting out of the trailer. Check the album in the previous post for shots of the rig in the wild.

Happy trails, happy camping, and all the best to you.


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