review: pedernales falls state park

We’ve been home for more than a week and I’m just now catching up enough to give you a quick overview of the park. Lil Harry and I loved it so much that we are taking Ain’t Leo to the park in two weeks. Work conflicts kept her from making the last trip, but after . . . → Read More: review: pedernales falls state park

new move

We just made the jump from the PlaysWithString site to our own home away from the RV. This move frees up the PWS site so that we can address the issue of increased demand for our paracord projects and jewelery. We will be overhauling the old site during July and should have it ready to . . . → Read More: new move

politically incorrect survival

I was sitting around the campfire a while back with my good friend Walter (not his real name). We were discussing survival training, of all things. If by discussion you mean a red faced, strident, saliva spraying conversation.

What started the conversation is the fact that I keep a small personal survival kit (PSK) in . . . → Read More: politically incorrect survival

review: java junkie quick fix

I stopped at a downtown Starbuck’s to get enough energy to get home. While waiting for my order I noticed the VIA instant coffees and was curious. My pop was a dedicated Folger’s instant coffee drinker, but I always thought it tasted like some kind of kid’s cereal. Nasty stuff.

I asked the barista (coffee . . . → Read More: review: java junkie quick fix

forest river r-pod 171

We finally retired our Casita Liberty after long and faithful service, but we still had to have a home away from home.

I spotted the R-Pod on the way to call on a customer and had to do an immediate U-turn to have a look. It was love at first sight. Forest River offers . . . → Read More: forest river r-pod 171